Wellness & Vaccinations

At Avery Ranch Animal Hospital, we believe that when it comes to keeping our patients happy and healthy, prevention is always the best medicine. Routine wellness visits allow us to gather a complete and accurate picture of your pet’s overall health and to closely and consistently monitor it over time. By bringing your pet in to see us once or twice each year, we are often able to identify and address potential medical concerns right away – before they have the chance to develop into a more serious and costly problem.

The wellness services offered to patients of Avery Ranch Animal Hospital include a thorough “nose to tail” physical examination, vaccinations, weight check, parasite prevention and control and any diagnostic testing that our staff deems necessary. During this time, our veterinarian may ask you some questions about your pet’s life at home. We’ll also use this time to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have about your animal companion.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, wellness visits provide our staff with the opportunity to really get to know you and your animal companion. We believe that quality veterinary care is based on trust, and we want to become your trusted partner and your go-to source for all of your animal healthcare needs. Together we will work hard to ensure that your pet enjoys a long, happy and healthy life.

An overview of our wellness services includes:

  • Complete physical examinations with individualized recommendations based on life stage
  • Customized vaccination plans
  • Parasite prevention and management
  • Routine diagnostic health screening tests
  • Weight management and nutritional counseling
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Dental exams
  • Microchip identification

All patients of Avery Ranch Animal Hospital receive customized vaccination plans based on their particular needs and lifestyle. Vaccinations play a pivotal role in keeping your pet healthy and protecting them from a wide variety of illnesses that could potentially threaten their quality and length of life. We offer individualized vaccination recommendations for each life stage, from puppy and kitten vaccination plans to adult and senior programs that are designed to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout his or her entire lifetime.

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