Global Animal Health

For many years, Avery Ranch Animal Hospital has been proud to partner with Christian Veterinary Mission, as part of an on-going effort to improve sustainable livestock production in developing parts of the world.  The goal is to provide basic veterinary training and treatment, in order to improve both animal and human health.   Veterinarians and technicians from Avery Ranch have participated in the following expeditions:

2011 – Northern India/Himalaya

2012 – Northern India/Himalaya

2013 – Northern India/Himalaya

2014 – Northern India/Himalaya

2015 – Northern India/Himalaya

2016 – Phillipines, Honduras, Northern India/Himalaya

Since 2011, we estimate that these expeditions have treated over 40,000 sheep, goats, horses, sheepdogs, and water buffalo for parasites.  Over 6000 have been treated for more serious injuries, including infection, exposure, broken bones, leopard attacks, and bear bites.  And most importantly, the lives of the farmers and herdsmen that depend on these animals have been improved as well, due to improved knowledge of sustainable farming and herding techniques.

Feel free to ask us about this on-going work, and how you can support it!

Smoke to keep the mosquitoes away!Outdoor officeGetting help cleaning a woundA view from the base campA typical day on the jobVillage in the Himalayan foothills

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