Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

April 21st is Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day! These lovable pooches certainly deserve their own doggy holiday. They have hearts of gold, and make wonderful pets. Here, a Cedar Park, TX vet discusses the Bulldog.


Bulldogs have actually been around for centuries. In fact, there are early references to them in literature dating back to 1500! (They were called ‘Bondogge’ and ‘Bolddogge’ back then, but they were still super cute.)


There’s more than one kind of Bulldog, and we love them all. The stoic, iconic English Bulldog—a favorite of Winston Churchill—is the most well-known. However, the French Bulldog also has some devoted fans. Then there’s the American Bulldog, which is by far the largest of the three. Don’t worry, though: these goofy, lovable dogs are gentle giants!


Although dogs all have their own unique personalities, breed often plays a large role in Fido’s temperament. Generally, Bulldogs are quite calm and laid back, and can be, well, rather lazy. Though they can be rather stubborn—or bullheaded—they are very patient, and make great family pets.


Like other brachys, Bulldogs have some specific care needs. They have very short nasal cavities, which makes it very easy for them to lose their breath. You should never overexert a Bulldog, as this is very dangerous for them. Of course, most Bulldogs are couch potatoes who prefer napping to exercise anyway. Since dogs pant when they get hot, you’ll also need to keep Fido cool in summer. Kiddie pools are great for this! Just don’t let your pooch play in water that is deeper than his chest: Bulldogs can’t swim well, if at all. Ask your vet for more information.


Another wonderful thing about Bulldogs is the fact that they have short, smooth fur. Fido only requires occasional baths and brushings. You will need to clean that cute wrinkly face regularly with a damp cloth, though.


Bulldogs need lots of TLC. They often develop hip dysplasia, and so shouldn’t be encouraged to jump or ‘stand.’ They sometimes get cysts between their toes, which can be quite painful. It’s also worth noting that their lifespans are shorter than those of most other breeds. In fact, they’re often considered seniors at age six! Ask your vet for specific instructions.

Do you have questions about Bulldog care? Contact us, your local Cedar Park, TX vet clinic!

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