New Year’s Resolutions for People With Cats

Happy New Year! As we replace our 2018 calendars with new ones, many people are setting resolutions for the coming year. Why not include your cat in yours? Here, a Cedar Park, TX vet lists some things you can do to keep your kitty happy, healthy, and purring in 2019.

Offer Lots Of Entertainment

Playing is lots of fun for Fluffy, but it’s also important to her health and well-being. Offer your kitty lots of toys to pounce on. Remember to retrieve your kitty’s playthings from under the sofa regularly! Fluffy will also appreciate having some furniture to climb and explore.

Play With Fluffy Regularly

Toys are great, but interactive play is even better. To make things even more fun and challenging for your kitty, hold a laser pointer or wand toy for her to chase. This is also a great way to bond with your furry buddy! Spend a few minutes a day playing with your cat.

Brush The Furball

Kitties are very clean, and may spend hours each day carefully grooming themselves. That doesn’t mean Fluffy can’t use a helping hand sometimes, however. Some cats really enjoy being brushed!

Set Out Lots Of Comfy Beds

If we were to make one prediction about what Fluffy will do in 2018, it would be that she’ll probably sleep through most of it. Offer your sleepy pet lots of places to snuggle up in. Store-bought beds are fine, but your cat will be equally content in a box or wicker basket with a comfy pillow or blanket in it.

Take The Cat To The Vet

Given the option, your feline friend would probably knock this one right off the list. However, Fluffy will both look and feel better with proper care. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Keep Kitty Indoors

Your fuzzy buddy may think she’s a huge, ferocious lion, but in truth, house cats are very small and vulnerable to danger. Fluffy will be both healthier and safer indoors!

Quality Time

One great, pet-friendly resolution you can make is both easy and fun. Spend lots of quality time with Fluffy in 2019. A purring cat is a great blessing to be thankful for in the new year!

As your Cedar Park, TX vet clinic, we look forward to serving your pet’s veterinary care needs in 2019 and beyond. Call us anytime.

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