7 Great New Year’s Resolutions Your Dog Would Approve Of

Are you making resolutions for 2017? It’s always great to set goals for personal growth and achievements. If you have a dog, Fido will be right there with you as you work towards your new objectives. Actually, Man’s Best Friend may be quite helpful when it comes to setting resolutions. In this article, a Cedar Park, TX vet lists some great resolutions your dog would approve of.

Show Your Love

Fido definitely isn’t shy about expressing his affection. Tail wags and puppy kisses can brighten up even the worst day. And that cute happy dance dogs do when their owners come home is absolutely adorable! Be affectionate with your loved ones.

Get Enough Exercise

Dogs love to run and play. Fido may jump for joy when he sees you getting his leash. Those regular walks are great for your canine pal, and they’re good for you, too! Be sure to get plenty of exercise!

Eat Right

If there’s one thing we can say about Man’s Best Friend, it’s that he has a very healthy appetite. Make sure that both you and your pooch are eating high-quality, nourishing foods.

Stay Healthy

Making sure Fido sees his doctor regularly is one of the best things you can do for his health and well-being. This applies to you too!

Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

It doesn’t take much to get your furry buddy’s tail wagging. A new toy, a yummy snack, or even a simple belly rub can all make Fido very happy. Sometimes it’s the little things that are really important in life. Take time to enjoy them!


Does your furry friend sometimes run up to you, holding his favorite toy? Does Fido jump for joy when you pick up one of his playthings? This adorable enthusiasm isn’t just heartwarming: it’s also a great reminder for us to just have fun! Make time in your schedule for things you enjoy doing.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Dogs really want nothing more than to spend time with their human buddies. Fido may be perfectly content to just sit beside you or quietly doze off at your feet. Spend some quality time with your friends and family.

All of us here at Avery Ranch Animal Hospital, your Cedar Park, TX pet hospital, want to wish you a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime!

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