Senior Cat Care

Is your kitty aged seven or older? If the answer to that question is yes, your pet may be approaching—or already in—her golden years. Cats tend to age slowly and gracefully, so you may not notice any drastic changes in Fluffy’s appearance or behavior right away. However, there are some things you can do to keep your feline buddy more comfortable as she grows older. A local Cedar Park, TX vet discusses caring for a senior cat in this article.


Making sure your cat gets proper nourishment is very important. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice, including supplements, serving sizes, and tips for changing Fluffy over to a senior-formula kitty food.


Believe it or not, Fluffy will manage to sleep even more as she grows older. One of the best things you can do for your cat is to make sure she has lots of soft beds to curl up in. You don’t have to buy expensive pet beds: kitties are often just as happy with a pillow or blanket folded up into a box or wicker basket.


Just like people, kitties can get confused or forgetful as they age. Offer your kitty mental stimulation by talking to her, playing with her, and giving her a window seat with a good view. These things will help keep Fluffy’s mind healthy.

Veterinary Care

Your cat may need to see the vet more often as she grows older. Regular exams are very important, as they greatly increase the chances of any medical problems being diagnosed early on. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including warning signs of illness.


Older furballs often find it easier to manage litterboxes with low walls. It’s also a good idea to set out a few extra litterboxes. If your home has multiple floors, put one on each level.


Fluffy may not be able to spring up to her favorite napping spots or perches as easily as she once did. Get your kitty some pet stairs to help her out.


Senior cats often become very affectionate. Give your furry buddy lots of attention: talk to her, pet her, brush her, and play with her. Just be very gentle when you pick Fluffy up or put her down.

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