Doggy Dental Care Tips

Do Fido’s doggy kisses make you cringe? Man’s Best Friend isn’t exactly renowned for his winter-fresh breath, but your dog’s smooches shouldn’t make you gag, either. In fact, if your pooch has really bad breath, he may very well have dental problems. Dogs can develop many different dental problems, including loose, cracked, infected, or misaligned teeth; gum disease; and abscesses. These problems can lead or contribute to many other medical problems, so making sure your canine pal’s mouth stays healthy is very important! A Cedar Park, TX vet offers advice on caring for your dog’s teeth in this article.

Symptoms of Doggy Dental Problems

Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms of doggy dental woes. Built-up gunk is another sign that Fido’s choppers need care. Stringy, ropy, bloody, or excessive drool is also symptomatic of dental issues in dogs. Sometimes dental issues will cause visible swelling, or bleeding gums. If your furry pal’s teeth hurt, he could even lose interest in his dinner or toys.

Veterinary Care

Make sure to have Fido’s teeth examined regularly by a veterinarian. If your pooch has severe tartar buildup, a good cleaning will remove that gunk. This will help reduce and fight bacteria and inflammation. Other dental issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Ask your vet for more specific advice.


The best thing you can do at home to keep your canine pal’s teeth healthy is to brush them regularly. To get your pooch used to the process, start by gently rubbing his teeth and gums with a finger. From there, you can add a bit of doggy toothpaste. Choose a yummy flavor like beef to make it more fun for your pup. If Fido accepts this, then he can graduate to a doggy toothbrush. Be sure to use only products made for dogs, as human toothbrushes and toothpastes aren’t suitable for our canine friends.

Other Options

If Fido won’t sit still to get his teeth brushed, try giving him dental-formula kibble or treats. Proper chew toys are also important, as chewing helps stimulate saliva and keeps your pet’s jaws strong. Last but not least, make sure your furry buddy always has plenty of fresh, clean water.

Do you know or suspect that your canine buddy needs some dental work? Call us! As your local Cedar Park, TX veterinary hospital, we are here to help!

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