Cute Ways to Pamper Your Guinea Pig

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These pocket pets, also known as cavies, are absolutely adorable and really make great pets. Sweet, gentle, and intelligent, cavies are very popular pets, and are suitable for mature children. Providing nutritious food, a comfortable cage, fresh water, and plenty of hay will take care of your tiny furball’s basic needs, but you may find yourself looking for ways to really make you’re the little guy really happy. In this article, your local Cedar Park veterinarian suggests a few ways to pamper your Guinea pig.


Making sure your cavy has a comfortable cage is one of the best things you can do for the little one. If you really want to spoil your Guinea pig, make him a cavy mansion by adding a second or even third story with ramp access. Just be sure to set the ramps up so your furball can’t fall off them!

Litter Box Training

Okay, we’ll admit the training itself probably isn’t the cutest part of being a Guinea pig owner. Once your cavy is properly educated in all manners of bathroom ‘petiquette’, however, you’ll be able to keep your furry little friend out of his cage longer. Your cavy can sit on your lap while you’re reading, watching TV, or at the computer.


Guinea pigs love veggies. Figure out what your furball’s favorites are, and make them into a little salad for him. Include foods that contain Vitamin C, as this is crucial to Guinea pig health. Always research a new food to be sure it is safe for your little one, and introduce new snacks slowly.


Cavies are very frisky, and they are quite adorable to watch when they’re playing. Making sure the little one has plenty of toys, including chewable playthings, which are important to his health and well-being. Most Guinea pigs absolutely love tunnels and mazes. You can buy some, or make your own out of cardboard, PVC pipe, or even newspaper!


Cozies are, for lack of a better explanation, basically tiny sleeping bags for pocket pets. Cavies love to snuggle up in a soft, comfy cozy. You can purchase them online, or make your own.

Do you have any questions about caring for Guinea pigs? Contact us any time! As your local Cedar Park veterinary clinic, we are always here to assist!

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