Choosing the Right Dog Leash

Your dog’s leash is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you’ll need to get for him. With many different types of leashes, there are a lot of great options to pick from, all with their own pros and cons. Below, your Cedar Park vet offers some helpful tips on choosing Fido’s leash.

Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are great in places where you can let your canine buddy explore a bit. The extra leeway a retractable leash offers will keep Fido from pulling on you just to gain a few extra feet. These are best used in parks or open spaces, however, as using a retractable leash in a crowded area can be tricky and even dangerous. Fido could entangle another dog, or even a person. These can also be a bit clunky in emergencies, as the reeling mechanism may too slow if you need to reign your pooch in quickly.


Nylon leashes are very durable, and hold up very well to wear and tear. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Because they are so inexpensive and durable, nylon leashes are very popular. The main downside of a nylon leash is that it can be a bit painful for you if your dog pulls the leash through your hands. Leash burn stings! Nylon also gets very slippery when wet, so these aren’t a great option around water.


Chain leashes do look nice, and are of course very sturdy. There are a few things to watch out for with chains. For one thing, they are heavier than other leashes. Also, if Fido tends to chew on his leash, a chain can easily break your pup’s teeth. It can also hurt you, if you get a hand or finger caught in it as your canine pal is pulling.


Leather leashes are lightest, and may be the most pleasant for you to hold onto. Leather can take a beating from weather elements, but they are soft and flexible, and overall, a great choice.


Cotton is another great option for dog leashes. Cotton leashes are flexible, light, and durable, and are not very expensive. These aren’t as slippery as nylon, so they’re a good choice for swimming dogs.

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