Pocket Pets and Holidays

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family, so it’s not surprising that the furkids are often included in holiday celebrations. This is fairly easy to do if you have a dog or cat, but pocket pet owners may find it a bit more challenging to include their animal friends in seasonal festivities. Your Guinea pig, gerbil, or hamster may be less than impressed with your Christmas tree, but you can still make the holidays a special time for your little buddy. In this article, your vet Cedar Park offers some options for including your pocket pet in holiday fun.

Seasonal Dress

Have you ever seem a hamster in a Santa Claus hat? Or a Guinea pig with reindeer antlers? There are some very cute options for little outfits you can put on your pocket pet! Always be sure to put safety first. Never leave a little pet unattended with clothing on, as your little buddy might try to eat his outfit, and could choke. We suggest dressing pocket pets up just long enough to get some super cute holiday photos.

Wrapping Paper Tubes

Wrapping paper tubes make great gifts for pocket pets! Gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and Guinea pigs all love to chew and play with these cardboard tubes. A quick online search will reveal lots of options for toys you can make out of cardboard tubing. Wrapping paper itself can also make a fun toy for pets. Just make sure to only give your pet paper that is printed with non-toxic ink.

Gift Ideas

Why not give your pocket pet some special gifts of his own? Play tunnels, chew toys, wooden blocks, and exercise wheels are all great options for pocket pet gift ideas.


Pocket pets all appreciate having a little home or hidey-hole of their own. Why not look for one with a seasonal theme? There are all sorts of cute options. Just be sure to use something made out of a material that is safe for your pet, and which doesn’t have a lot of small pieces that could choke your little furball. It isn’t a good idea to string lights or hang decorations inside a pocket pet’s cage, but you can dress up the outside with tinsel or garland, or even a string of Christmas lights. Just be sure your pet can’t reach the wires or tinsel.

We here at your vet clinic Cedar Park want to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

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