Keeping Your Dog’s Shedding Under Control

Does your dog shed all over your Cedar Park home? You may prefer it when your canine buddy’s fur is attached to him and not to your couch, but it’s inevitable that Fido will leave some fur behind. Dogs shed to release hairs that are old or damaged. While all dogs shed, the amount and frequency of shedding will vary depending on their breed and climate. Dogs that live indoors tend to shed less than outdoor dogs, as they aren’t exposed to as many temperature fluctuations.

Here are a few ways to help manage your dog’s shedding:


Brushing Fido regularly is one of the best things you can do to control his shedding. While this won’t make him shed less, at least those loose hairs will end up in a brush, rather than on your furniture. Brushing also removes dust and dirt from your pooch’s coat, so he’ll be softer and shinier. Get a good brush specifically made for your dog’s breed. There are brushes made specifically for shedding dogs, as well as brushes made for regular grooming. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit, as you may get the best results by using more than one type of brush. Make sure to give your furry pal a treat after his beauty session is over, and incorporate some cuddles and kisses into your brushing time, so Fido associates getting brushed with positive things.


Vacuuming will not only catch those loose hairs, it will also help control fleas and dust mites. Run the vacuum over heavily-trafficked areas at least every few days, and vacuum thoroughly once a week, to keep your home looking fresh and fur-free.


You may find it worth your while to use furniture covers, especially during peak shedding times. There are covers made specifically for people with pets. These can be easily thrown into the wash, or, for an even quicker cleaning, just toss them right into the dryer. If the fabric allows for it, use the hot settings on your washer and dryer to ensure that any fleas or flea eggs are killed.

Diet and Supplements

Keeping your dog on the proper dietary regimen will help his fur stay healthy and shiny, which may reduce shedding. Certain supplements, such as Omega-3 Fish Oils, are also good for your furry pal’s coat.

Problematic Shedding

If you see bald patches on your dog, or if you notice your pup is biting or licking himself frequently, he could have fleas or a skin problem. Extreme fur loss can be indicative of several conditions, so contact your Cedar Park vet immediately if your pup is losing too much of his fur.

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