Introducing Two Cats

Are you going to be bringing a second kitty into your Cedar Park home? We are thrilled for you! Of course, your resident kitty may not be quite so enthusiastic. Cats can be quite territorial, and they have been known to be a little possessive as well. Bringing two new cats together is never a sure thing. Sometimes kitties will get along just fine. Other times … not so much. When and how you introduce your cats can actually have a huge impact on how your cats get along.

Here are a few pointers to help make sure everything goes smoothly:


Keep your kitties in separate rooms for at least the first few days. Your resident cat should have the run of the house, and your new kitty should be quarantined in one room with toys, food, and a litterbox. We know you’ll be going in there often to pet and play with your new furball, but make sure to give your resident kitty lots of attention as well. During this phase, your new kitty will get used to the smells and sounds of her new home. Your cats will also become aware of one another, and may play ‘pawsies’ under the door. You can feed your old cat near the door of the ‘isolation room’ and give both kitties lots of treats while they are sniffing each other through the door. Hopefully, they’ll begin to associate each other with positive things.

Slow and Steady

After your kitties have both grown accustomed to the fact that there is another cat on the other side of the door, you can introduce them. You may want to bring the new kitty out in a carrier, and let your resident cat see and smell her through the carrier door. You can also try using a screen or baby gate to let the cats see one another through open doors. There may be a little hissing and posturing at first, but this should diminish fairly quickly.

Purrfect Harmony

If your cats aren’t hissing or growling at one another, you can remove the barriers and let them approach one another. It may take time for them to completely adjust to each other. Having interactive playtimes where both kitties play together may help. Each kitty should have separate dishes and litter boxes, so they don’t fight over resources or bathroom time.

Felines can take up to a year to truly acclimate to one another, but more often than not, they will learn to live together in peace. You may even be treated to the sight of your two kitties cuddled up together in your Cedar Park home!

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