Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Shiny and Smooth

Is your dog’s coat looking a little dull recently? With good grooming and proper nutrition, you can restore a healthy shine—learn how below from a Cedar Park veterinarian.

Visit the Vet

Did you know that the quality of your dog’s coat is generally an accurate indicator of his overall health? If your dog’s coat is dry and dull, it could be indicative of an underlying medical problem. As such, you should take your dog to the vet’s office to get any medical problem ruled out. Even if nothing’s wrong, your vet can discuss great ways to restore the luster to your pooch’s fur.

Feed a Quality Diet

Your dog needs the right types of carbs, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals—in the right proportions—to keep his coat and overall health in check. Make sure you’re giving your pet a high-quality dog food formulated for his breed and age. Check with your veterinary professional for a recommendation.

Brush Regularly

In regular intervals—it could be daily depending on the type and length of your dog’s coat—brush your dog with a comb suited to his needs. Brushing will remove loose and dead hair, remove burrs, mats, and tangles, and help spread essential skin oils throughout the coat, giving it a healthy-looking sheen naturally!

Bathe Periodically

Ask your veterinarian how often you should bathe your dog. While you don’t want to do it too much as it can dry out the skin, periodic bathing is a great way to keep your dog clean and his coat healthy. Be sure to use a shampoo that is specially-formulated for dogs, as human shampoo might be too strong for your dog’s skin.

Additional Products

If you desire, you can try using dog conditioner, moisturizers, and finishing sprays to make your dog’s coat smooth and shiny. Ask your Cedar Park veterinarian about these options and if they may be a good choice for your dog.

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