Preventing Your Cat from Getting Outdoors

If your cat is especially determined to explore the great outdoors, or if he was once an outdoor cat and is now confined to the house, you’ll need to be vigilant about keeping him inside if you want to keep him as an exclusively indoor cat. Try these tips from your Cedar Park vet.

Check the Exits

The first course of action is the most obvious: check your house’s windows and doors to make sure they securely shut and lock. A door left ajar, even the slightest bit, is all a cat needs to make his escape. If you open windows in the summertime, a ripped screen or cracked window can provide a perfect escape route. Remain conscientious of how your cat might try to escape, and prevent those circumstances from happening.

Get Everyone Involved

Make sure everyone in the house is aware of your cat’s penchant to get outside, and have the whole family remain aware when exiting or entering the house. A cat only needs a second or two to slip outside when you’re coming back in the front door.

Use Deterrents

If your cat is especially determined, you may consider using deterrents around doorways or exits. You can make your own—keep a can full of coins near the doorway and shake it noisily when you leave through that door. If your cat is nearby, he’ll be frightened and most likely run away. Even if he’s not nearby, he’ll wind up associating the sound with negativity and stay away from the door.

Commercially available deterrents are also available—motion sensors that alert you when the cat is near the door, and systems that deliver a puff of air or a very mild shock upon proximity to the door. Ask your Cedar Park veterinarian about the pros and cons of these systems; while they may work well, they can also put stress on your cat and you never want to be cruel.

Provide a Fenced Area

If you have the space and materials, you can consider building a small fenced area in your backyard that your cat can use to go outside but stay safe. This will satisfy your cat’s desire to spend time outdoors and satisfy your desire for your cat to avoid any dangerous hazards.


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