Tips for Caring for a Senior Pet

As much as we wish our animal companions could stay young forever, it’s the natural progression of things for them to age, and with that age, experience the normal effects of getting older. It’s up to us, as responsible pet owners, to take the appropriate measures to help our pets navigate the senior years as happy and as comfortably as possible. Here are a few tips from an experienced Avery Ranch vet on how you can provide the best possible care for your senior pet.

Stay on Top of Wellness Care – As animals age, they may require more frequent checkups. Verify with your Avery Ranch vet how often your older pet should come in for an exam and stick with it. That way any changes that occur can be identified and addressed right away.

Diet and Exercise – Your senior pet has different nutritional requirements than his or her younger counterparts. Work with your Avery Ranch vet to make sure that you’re feeding the right food to your aging pet, and be sure to ask what types of activities would be best for keeping your older dog or cat fit.

Make Accommodations – Getting around can be harder on your older pet, as age brings with it a variety of aches, pains and limits to mobility. Make it easier by keeping your home well-lit, placing carpet or non-stick flooring down and providing ramps to help your pet get up and down from furniture or stairs.

Consider Supplements – For some older pets, dietary or nutritional supplements can help ease some of the discomforts associated with age, such as arthritis and other joint pains. Talk to your Avery Ranch vet about whether supplements would be the right fit for your particular pet.

Keep an Eye on Your Pet’s Teeth – Just as with humans, pets have the tendency to lose teeth as they get older, which makes it harder for them to chew food as good as they once did. Keep an eye on your pet’s choppers to see if it may be time to switch to a softer food.

Getting older is inevitable – even for our pets. By following these tips and working with your Avery Ranch vet, you can help your animal companion navigate the golden years with dignity.

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